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The Project for Comprehensive Conversion of Biomass and Waste of Super Clean Fuels by new Solid Catalysts


The Project for Comprehensive Conversion of Biomass and Waste of Super Clean Fuels by new Solid Catalysts

Aim of the project

Producing liquid fuel from botanical resources to solve both resource scarcity and global warming simultaneously!



Background of the Project

Development of gasification and catalyst technologies to convert biomass resources into liquid fuel.

In Thailand, a tropical agricultural country, large amounts of agricultural residues including those from the processing of agricultural products are being wasted. The project aims to create renewable energy resources as an alternative to fossil fuels by developing gasification technologies to obtain gas from such agricultural residues and catalyst technologies to convert the gas to liquid fuel. We will not only develop technologies for characterization of resources, conversion to gas suitable for catalytic reaction, and catalytic conversion of gas to diesel, gasoline, LPG or methanol, but will also build a platform for the social implementation of these technologies through verification of product utilization characteristics as well as human resource development.

Contribute to solving resource and environmental issues by producing liquid fuel from renewable energy resources as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Alternative fuels to fossil fuels and chemical products from abundant biomass resources are produced in Thailand. The obtained biofuels will serve to improve Thailand’s energy self-sufficiency ratio, promote agriculture and rural communities, and conserve the environment of Thailand. In the future, it will also contribute to the development of fuel production from biomass that does not compete with the food supply and prevent global warming by the use of alternative fuels to fossil fuels.

Research Institutions

                                                Japan                                                        Thailand

                                       mark                                       chula

                                      University of Toyama                              Chulalongkorn University

Funded by

                                 jica-logo                                                          jst-logo

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)               Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

Overall Goal

The technologies of alternatives to fossil fuel are utilized for creating as bases to industrialization.

Project Purpose

Production technology of alternatives to fossil fuel using biomass waste resources (quality of wood, farm outputs, waste systems, etc.) is developed, and the Project proposes for the social implementation.


Task 1                                                                                                                                                                                            A synthesis gas production technology from biomass waste resources is developed.

1.1 Preprocessing technology of biomass waste resources is developed in Thailand.

1.2 Gasification technology of biomass is developed.

Task 2                                                                                                                                                                                        Production Technologies such as biofuel by catalytic conversion are developed.

Biodiesel production technology

2.1 Biodiesel production technology is developed (catalytic + operational technology). (Biodiesel, FT)

Biogasoline production technology

2.2 Biogasoline production technology is developed. (Biodiesel, FT)

Biomethanol production technology

2.3 Biomethanol production technology is developed.

Bio-LPG production technology

2.4 Bio-LPG production technology is developed.

Task 3                                                                                                                                                                                      Proposals for social implementation are made by verification of the Project products and formulation of a whole system.

3.1 It is confirmed that biofuels are utilized as alternatives to fossil fuels.

3.2 Roadmap for social implementation utilizing various biofuels is drafted.

3.3 Human resources related to production/application technology of the alternatives to fossil fuel using biomass waste resources are developed.

3.4 Social recognition related to the developed technologies and/or provided biofuel gained through the Project is raised.



– Expert for ‘synthesis gas production technology’ (Researchers, External experts; Engineers/Technician, etc.)

– Expert for ‘production technology such as biofuel by catalytic conversion’ (Researchers, External experts; Engineers/Technician, etc.)

– Expert for ‘Verification of the Project products and formulation of the whole system’ (Researchers, External experts)

– Project Coordinator


– Pretreatment facilities (crushing, drying, carbonization)

– Gasification bench facilities

– FT synthesis laboratory test facilities

– Methanol synthesis laboratory test facilities

– LPG synthesis laboratory test facilities

– Bench plant facilities for catalytic chemical conversion (Engineering)                                                              (Manufacture in Japan and transport to Thailand after trial operation and adjusting.)

Training in Japan

Technical exchange and research

Project Organization Structure

                                  Project Director                                          Japanese side Research leader

                                    pic02                                               pic01

                            Prof. Tharapong Vitidsant                               Prof. TSUBAKI Noritatsu


slide3 slide4 Duration

5 Years (JFY2017 – JFY2021)

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